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With Best Firm Certification, you can effortlessly delve into the minds of your employees, unveil invaluable perspectives, and gain distinguished acclaim for fostering an exceptional company culture.

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Best Firm for Data Scientists

World's Biggest Data Science Workplace Recognition Program​

Best Firm for Women in Tech

Innovation with Inclusion: Companies Championing Diversity and Empowering Women in the Tech Space

The biggest AI & Technology Workplace Recognition Program

Why Get Certified

“Best Firm” surveys your data scientists or prospective employees to uncover actionable insights and get recognized for your great company culture.

The biggest Tech & AI workplace Recognition Program

Companies are recognizing the importance of data science by introducing a groundbreaking workplace Recognition Program, empowering employees to be their most innovative selves and shape the future.

Attract the Best People

Being a Best Firm for Data Scientists is an invaluable asset, allowing businesses to recruit top talent and keep their staff highly engaged. A culture of trust also helps foster loyalty within teams - boosting retention rates even further.

Increase Brand Awareness

Creating an admirable reputation for your firm as one that looks out for its employees will gain the loyalty of staff and bring customers, giving a boost to both branding endeavors and business goals. Becoming certified is how you can demonstrate this commitment and flex growth potential simultaneously.

50 Best Firms For Data Scientists To Work For 2023

This report aims to rank firms based on how well suited a company’s policies are for their employees.

Top Brands that Choose Best Firm Certification.

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"An honour that recognizes the outstanding culture and benefits offered to employees, starting with a robust hiring process involving a cross-functional panel, to comprehensive flexi-benefits, to cutting edge tools and infrastructure, to continuous learning and development programs, to finally an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of every individual and what they bring to the table."
Hansa Cequity
"Being featured in this category is perfectly in line with our brand promise of 'Life’s Possible', which enables us to explore the power of life's immense possibilities!🌊 This recognition reflects our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development among our employees, as well as our efforts to provide them with the best learning opportunities and resources. "
Hansa Cequity
This recognition reinforces our continuous efforts to build an ecosystem where data science practitioners can thrive and excel. We celebrate our dedicated team of data scientists, whose expertise has played an instrumental role in this achievement."
Hansa Cequity
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