Recognizing the Best Firms Empowering Women in Tech

Empowering Women in Tech: Make it Simple to Certify Your Firm, Gain Valuable Insights, and be Recognized for Your Commitment to Workplace Equality.

The Best Firm for Women in Tech Certification is a corporate certification provided to organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to promoting workplace equality and empowering women in the technology industry.

To earn this certification, firms must complete a rigorous evaluation process that includes a comprehensive survey of their employees and policies, practices, and culture related to gender equality in the workplace.

The certification is awarded by AIM Media House, a leading tech Media Group that recognizes firms that have achieved a high standard of excellence in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment for women in tech.

Join the Movement for Workplace Equality

Why Get Certified

Certify with the Global Authority on Workplace Culture and Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Environment for Women in Tech

Gain recognition and credibility

By obtaining this certification, your firm will be recognized as a leader in promoting workplace equality and empowering women in the tech industry. This can help enhance your brand reputation and make you an attractive employer for top female talent.

Get actionable insights

The certification process involves a comprehensive survey that evaluates your firm's culture, policies, and practices related to gender equality. The results can provide valuable insights and feedback that can help you identify areas for improvement and implement positive changes to foster a more inclusive work environment.

Join a community of like-minded organizations

By becoming certified, you'll join a community of organizations committed to driving progress for women in tech. You'll have access to resources, best practices, and networking opportunities to learn from other firms and collaborate on initiatives that promote gender equality in the tech industry.

Top Brands that Choose Best Firm Certification.

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