Stand Out as the Best Employer Brand for Data Professionals

Unleash the Power of External Survey: Benchmark Your Data Firm Against Industry Standards and Enhance Your Employer Brand.

"Best Recognised Firm in Data" is a corporate certification launched by AIM Media House, which recognizes companies that have excelled in creating a great workplace for data professionals.

This certification uses an external survey to measure the employer brand and benchmark it against industry standards. It assesses the policies, practices, and culture of the organization related to data professionals and recognizes those that demonstrate a high level of commitment to promoting a positive work environment for their data employees.

By obtaining this certification, companies can showcase their excellence in creating an ideal workplace for data professionals and enhance their employer brand.

Why Get Certified

Attract and retain top talent

Obtaining this certification signals to potential candidates that your company is committed to creating a great workplace for data professionals. This can help you attract and retain top talent, who are increasingly looking for companies that value their skills and provide a positive work environment.

Benchmark your organization

The external survey used in the certification process benchmarks your company against industry standards, providing valuable insights into areas where you excel and those that need improvement. This can help you identify areas to focus on and improve your policies, practices, and culture related to data professionals.

Enhance your employer brand

By earning this certification, your company can differentiate itself from competitors and showcase its commitment to creating a positive work environment for data professionals. This can enhance your employer brand and reputation in the industry, making you a more attractive employer for top talent.

Top Brands that Choose Best Firm Certification.

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