Shattering Tech Myths and Fostering Inclusion: Susmita Chaudhury at Rising 2023

Susmita Chaudhury's talk at Rising 2023 challenges traditional tech narratives, advocating for diversity and inclusion as essential drivers of innovation.

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At Rising 2023, India’s biggest Women in Tech Summit by AIM, Susmita Chaudhury, Partner at Deloitte India, delivered a compelling talk titled “Tech by Chance – Challenging the Myths.” The talk not only highlighted her journey through the tech world but also served as a clarion call for diversifying the tech industry.

A New Narrative for Women in Tech

Susmita Chaudhury opened her talk by challenging the traditional narratives surrounding women in technology. She emphasized that opportunities in tech are no longer confined to the conventional paths of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. In an era where technology is the linchpin of every business, the need for a diverse workforce is more critical than ever.

The Essence of Diversity

Susmita argues that diversity isn’t just a buzzword but a necessity for innovation. She believes that the tech industry needs to expand its horizons and welcome people from various educational backgrounds, work experiences, and genders. This diversity, she contends, is essential for driving innovation and thinking differently.

A Personal Journey

Susmita shared her life experiences, detailing her 20-year career in analytics, data science, and AI. She spoke about her roles in large multinational corporations and even her own startup, emphasizing her commitment to building high-performing teams and automating business processes. Her proven track record in innovating delivery models and fostering non-linear growth serves as an inspiration for aspiring tech professionals.

The Inclusive Culture

One of the most striking aspects of her talk was her focus on creating an inclusive and open culture. She believes in bringing diverse teams together to drive value for both clients and internal teams. This philosophy aligns well with her role at Deloitte, where she has been a catalyst for change and inclusion.


Susmita Chaudhury’s talk at Rising 2023 was more than just a recounting of her professional journey; it was a call to action. She urged the audience to break free from traditional stereotypes and to embrace diversity in all its forms. As technology continues to evolve, her message serves as a timely reminder that diversity and inclusion aren’t just corporate slogans but essential ingredients for success in the tech industry.