Tiger Analytics: A Paradigm of Excellence for Data Science Professionals

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of data analytics, Tiger Analytics has emerged as a sanctuary for professionals seeking growth, flexibility, and a culture of excellence. Unveiling its new brand identity recently, the company introduced its new purpose – ‘providing certainty to shape a better tomorrow.’ With this renewed vision, Tiger Analytics aspires to help its clients navigate through a world using AI and analytics. 

The company’s transparent and merit-led performance management philosophy and diversity initiatives have set new benchmarks in the industry. Let’s delve into the elements that make Tiger Analytics a haven for data science professionals.

Performance Management: A Cornerstone of Success

Tiger Analytics has a unique approach to performance management, focusing on merit, openness in communication, and alignment with the company’s core values of Respect, Learning, Excellence, and Team-first culture. The process is rooted in a structured competency-based framework, mentoring & feedback mechanisms, and a multi-stakeholder feedback system. This ensures a 360-degree view of an individual’s performance, facilitating fair evaluations and career growth.

Total Rewards: A Competitive Edge

The company employs a variety of salary bands, benchmarked annually through compensation consultants like Aon Hewitt and Mercer. Salary decisions are made considering multiple factors such as market premiums, individual performance, and contributions to the company. This ensures that Tiger Analytics remains a competitive and market-leading employer in the data analytics space.

Flexi-Benefits: Catering to Modern Needs

Tiger Analytics offers a range of flexible work practices, including work from home, flexi-holidays, sabbaticals, and wellness breaks. These benefits are not just perks but a testament to the company’s commitment to employee well-being and work-life balance. We welcome returning mothers/women post a career break. 

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: A Tech Haven

We are named a Leader and Star Performer in the Everest PEAKMatrix®️ Assessment 2022. The report mentions our leaders’ inter-disciplinary capabilities across areas including design thinking, behavioral sciences, and data science. Our teams use a robust tech-stack and holistic approach to problem-solving.

The company has partnerships with top cloud service providers like AWS, GCP, and MS Azure, along with a Gold Premier Partnership in the APAC region with Microsoft. This enables employees to leverage cutting-edge technologies and build top-notch solutions in AI and advanced analytics. Tiger Analytics also offers an internally developed knowledge ecosystem, providing a plethora of resources for fast-paced and intensive learning. 

Tiger Academy: A Commitment to Learning

Tiger Academy, the company’s in-house learning platform, focuses on building the knowledge ecosystem and developing employee capabilities. With tie-ups with leading EdTech providers and an array of internal and external platforms, Tiger Academy ensures continuous learning and skill enhancement for all its employees – both tech and non-tech.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Culture of Respect

Tiger Analytics has made significant strides in steering initiatives focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion – from fair gender ratios to work flexibility. The company offers sabbaticals and ramp-up plans to support employees through personal challenges. Led by the Organization Excellence team, various initiatives like “Tiger Listens” and Team Health Checks (THCs) ensure that employees’ voices are heard and acted upon. The company also fosters employee interest groups ranging from fitness and nutrition to personal finance and books.


Beyond being the best workplace for data science professionals, Tiger Analytics is a vibrant community that promotes knowledge sharing, nurtures talent, champions innovation and promotes diversity. With its unique performance management philosophy, competitive total rewards, and a plethora of learning opportunities, the company stands as a paradigm of excellence for data science professionals. At Tiger Analytics, every employee is not just a part of the team but a valued member of the #TigerTribe.

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